My Art On Puzzles (Sunsout, Inc.)

52331stitchinpostThese are a few of the newest puzzles now available featuring my artwork!!  The Sunsout, Inc. company is once again offering a series of my bird/quilt and animal/quilt designs in their puzzle line up.  Very exciting to see my work out there like this!  Wish I had free time to work on a puzzle… 52336redsledandbluebirds Maybe over the holiday season!  Just picture it… a snowy day with the wood stove warming the house, a fresh batch of snack mix, a favorite drink and one of my puzzles for an afternoon.  These four are the first of more that will come along in this theme.  If  puppies and kittens are your thing, there are two puzzles just for you too!  52397theesylife WI

So, if you’re looking for a holiday gift idea for the puzzling people in your life… 52387quiltedcomfort-1

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Painting In Progress (morning doves)

dove artI’ve wanted to work on this painting for a long while and finally have time to devote my attention to it.  I haven’t done anything quite this challenging in a while now but I’ve recently been feeling inspired.  Of course, I may feel differently after I’ve been working on it for a bit!  There are always those moments when I’m sure I’ve ruined it,  and in the nextdove art WIP5 minute, I’m convinced I’m channeling the creative spirit of John James Audubon!  So far, so good and I’m pleased with my progress.  I’ve applied a nice soft wintery blue wash for the sky in the background and now I’m painting in all the little branches, moss and needles of the pine tree.  Lots to do in that regard still but it’s coming along nicely.  I’m saving the birds to do last because it’s my favorite part but also because I’m undecided on how to capture their coloring just yet.  Will have to do some “test” colors on spare paper first.

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Golden-Crowned Kinglet painting

The Little King 400dpiSomething new off the drawing table and one I’m quite pleased with.  The Golden-crowned Kinglet was a “life bird” for me this year and given that it’s one of the tiniest birds (half the size of a chickadee), I’m amazed that I even saw it!  I’ve read that it weighs barely more than a quarter and can be found throughout the year here, surviving our harsh winters when so many other birds leave for warmer climates.  Being thus inspired, I decided to create a painting, aptly titled as “The Little King” of the birds. 

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My Artistic Journey – Childhood Influences

horse sculptureI’ve been creating art for as long as I can remember.  As a child, I scribbled, sketched and drew on countless drawing pads, loose paper and even onto the covers of my school books.  Back then, we covered our books with brown craft paper to protect them since the books had to be turned in at the end of the school year.  All that blank space called to something in me and, to this day, a blank piece of paper remains a siren call I can’t resist.  From my earliest memories, my mother encouraged my creative interests.  When I was six, she brought me over to our neighbor who was a potter and sculptor.  While visiting him in his studio, he gave me some clay, encouraging me to make something with it.  Then, as now, I was crazy about horses so I made a hoMom Photo3rse at rest.  A couple of weeks later, he presented my finished “horse” to me.  Like mothers all over, mine proudly displayed my “masterpiece” on a shelf for years.  Throughout my youth and into young adulthood, my mother encouraged my interest in art, kept me supplied in paper, pencils and paints and maintained a steadfast interest in my creative pursuits.  She died when I was a young woman, which left an immense void in my life.  While helping my father go through her things, I found my little horse sculpture, carefully wrapped up and tucked safely away in a drawer.  At that moment, holding it in my hands and missing her almost more than I thought I could endure, I decided I would find a way to follow my dream of making a living as an artist full-time.  I keep that little horse sculpture in my studio as a reminder, not only of her love and support, but that perseverance and loving what you do can make dreams come true.  Thanks Mom.

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3rd Annual Open Studio Weekend (Littleton, NH)

Open Studio Postcard2017 WI

Join me this weekend at my 3rd annual open studio.  I have lots of new watercolor paintings, graphite art and many affordable reproduction prints to choose from!  Come up to the mountains, take in the Fall foliage scenery and visit my studio.  The weather is supposed to be perfect for leaf peeping and I’ll even have some apple cider, cookies and other delicious treats for you to enjoy while you visit. Of course, I always hope to sell some artwork at this event, but there’s no pressure!  I’ll be just as happy to see some friendly faces and enjoy opening my studio to friends, family and art lovers for this once a year event.

First time visiting my studio?  Click here CONTACT ME for directions and I’ll email you the info.  Feel free to bring friends!!

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Pencil Art Society Member Juried Exhibit

OMG!!  I’m thrilled to announce that my artwork was juried into the 2017 exhibition of worldwide pencil artists sponsored by the Pencil Art Society.  Only 60 entries were chosen for this show and I’m overjoyed to have been selected!!  Hidden 4 Yellow-bellied Sapsucker WIMy first foray into the world of professional graphite art and I hope it’s a sign of good things to coHidden 5-Downy Woodpecker WIme in the future.  On October 1st, the awards were announced and listed on the PAS website.  Here are my entries that made it into the show, “Hidden #4″ (Yellow -bellied Sapsucker) and “Hidden” #5 (Downy Woodpecker).   I was not selected to receive one of the awards but I’m still very pleased that TWO of my entries were chosen for this show, especially since the exhibit consists of work by artists from many different countries.  These were two of my favorite graphite artworks (Well, I love them all but I do occasionally have favorites) from the “Drawn To Nature” exhibit I had earlier this year. 

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It’s In The Details (Painting In Progress)

Here’s a peek at a painting in progress in my studio.  I’m working on new art for my upcoming annual Open Studio on October 21st & 22nd.  Many people have told me they enjoy seeing the steps in my painting process so I thought I’d share images of a Rose-breasted Grosbeak painting currently in the works. Grosbeak WIP1

In Step One, I’ve sketched the drawing and used Pebeo drawing gum to mask the areas I want to protect while I paint the sky background. Grosbeak WIP2

In Step Two, I’ve removed the masking and put a light wash of color on the bird and leaves to guide me with the shapes, shadows and values of various areas. 

Grosbeak WIP3 In Step Three, I’ve completed the Grosbeak since he is sitting behind the leaves and I paint working from the back towards the front or foreground. 

I won’t be posting any images of the finished paintings until just before my open studio event.  Be sure to look for future postings here on my Blog or you can go to my website to sign up for my monthly E-Newsletter to see the new art.  OR, even better, you could plan to attend my open studio weekend and see the artwork in person!!

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48th Art In The Mountains Festival (Littleton, NH)

art show poster

Join me at the 48th Annual Fall arts festival on Main Street in Littleton, New Hampshire this coming Saturday, September 23rd, 9am-4pm!   I’m honored the Chamber of Commerce chose to use my artwork for this year’s art festival poster too!!  I will be set up in front of Parker’s Marketplace once again this year (directly across the street from the historic Thayer’s Inn).   I will have original watercolor paintings, graphite drawings and limited edition prints on exhibit and available for sale at the show.   This year the art festival will be hosting a People’s Choice Award so be sure to come by and vote for my painting by 3:00pm on Saturday!!

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Laudholm Nature Arts & Craft Festival (Wells, Maine)

Laudholm show1Join me this weekend in Wells, Maine at this annual fine arts and crafts festival on the grounds of the historic Laudholm Nature Reserve.  I won’t know my booth location until I set up; however, there will be maps provided so you can easily find me.  Think of it as a treasure hunt to find my art!  I will have original watercolor artwork, graphite art and unframed prints available.  The setting is absolutely beautiful and there will be music, excellent food (if it’s anything like the last time!) and lots of parking.  Don’t let any possible rain keep you away… several giant tents to hang out in while you look for just the right piece of art!


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Second Place Award (Mount Washington Valley Art In The Park)

Social Networking WI400Despite the rainy day, the recent Art In The Park festival held in North Conway, New Hampshire ended on a very good note with my painting of Common Redpoll finches, titled “Social Networking”, receiving a second place award.   I’m thrilled to have received an award because there are so many, very talented artists found at this show.

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