Art Exhibition at Vermont Institute of Natural Science

The Vermont Institute of Natural Science has invited me to once again have an exhibition of my birds and wildlife artwork from January through March of 2020.  It has been several years since my last show there and I’m looking forward to showing some new works!  For more information, you can go to their website link:

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Color Connection Show – Copley Society of Art

You can find two new watercolor paintings of mine in the upcoming small works show, “Color Connection”, opening at the Copley Society of Art gallery in Boston, Mass. on January 9th, 2020.  As it’s my first show there in the new year, I thought this painting of a goldfinch, titled “Going For Gold” would be an appropriate one to start the year off since one of my goals is to obtain the next level of “professional artist” status with the Copley Society. Putting some power of positive thinking energy out there!

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Farewell to 2019 – A Year of Art

The end of the 2019 year is upon us and also the end of a decade!  Wow… when did THAT happen?!  This past decade brought many changes to my artistic endeavors but I can look back with satisfaction on the many goals I attained.  This past year in particular I worked my paintbrush to a stub and what a busy year it has been with the creation of 32 new artworks (a new high for me!).  The following works pictured above found their way into their new homes with art lovers and collectors, for which I am deeply grateful.  Makes me happy to know my work is so appreciated and I’m honored by the many people who have bought my art over the years and continue to buy my work.  I means I can keep doing what I love and hopefully making even more art that people will love.  Farewell to the 2019 year and hello to the start of a new decade!  May it bring prosperity, peace and more kindness to you all in the coming year.  

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Small Works, Big Impressions (Bird Art)

Several weeks ago I came across a forgotten assortment of small pieces of watercolor paper.  Scraps really, but clearly my thrifty Scottish heritage couldn’t bear to throw this wonderful paper away.  Regardless of it’s size, it’s time I did SOMETHING with it.  Other than just continue to shove it into a corner of a cabinet drawer, that is.  I started sketching out some of my favorite songbirds in a 5″h x 5″w size.  One thing lead to another and pretty soon I had a series of songbird paintings in the works.  And, hey… I’m having fun!  Not just because of the subject matter, but also by working within such a minimal formatKeep it simple and keep the bird the primary focus are the only rules.  I don’t have a particular purpose for these small works, other than to please myself, which has felt a bit liberating.  Most of the time I’m painting work for a specific show, a gallery or a customer commission so for the first time in a long while I’m painting… just because.  At the risk of taking the magic out of this experience, I think I’ll keep going and see just how many small works come out of it.  And, who knows… a collection of small works hanging together just might make for a very big impression.    

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For The Birds Exhibit (December 2019-February 2020)

The Tilting at Windmills Gallery in Manchester Center, Vermont is hosting a special exhibition of bird art opening December 14, 2019 until sometime in early February of 2020.  Several of my paintings of birds will be included and I’m honored to be invited to exhibit some of my watercolor art for this special show to honor and support our feathered friends that have suffered a huge decrease in populations over the years.  The gallery has hopes this presentation will inspire introspective thoughts on the environment and the birds. Pictured here is my painting of a Ruffed Grouse, titled “Leaves of Autumn”.

For more information about the show please visit the gallery website:

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Small Works Exhibit (Gallery at WREN)

This month the Small Works Exhibit is opening at the Gallery at WREN in Bethlehem, New Hampshire.  This annual show has become very popular and a mainstay of the gallery as an end of the season event.  The exhibit is open from December 6th until December 30th.  With cardinals a perennial favorite, I thought this new painting would make for a good subject.  And, I wanted to try painting a watercolor on Aquabord again.  I haven’t done one of these in a while (painting on Aquabord, I mean!) and I enjoyed refreshing my skills on the somewhat tricky surface.  I’m pleased with the result and hope it flies off the walls to a new home!

Titled: “Crossroads”, Dimensions: 6″h x 6″w.

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Gems & Giants Exhibition (Bryan Memorial Gallery)

The Bryan Memorial Gallery in Jeffersonville, Vermont is once again hosting it’s annual “Gems & Giants” exhibition, which will be open to the public until December 22nd.  I have three “gems” in the show this year and some day I’m going to surprise everyone and have a GIANT painting for the event.  That might make for a good goal for 2020…  The little paintings I have in the show, are just that.  They may be but small in size but mighty in color!  The chipmunks are both 4″h x 2 1/2″w and the painting of a pair of cardinals is 7″h x 5″w, making them just the right size for hiding in the Christmas tree as a gift for the nature lover in your life.  Just a thought peeps…  You can view all three images on the website of the Bryan Memorial Gallery.

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Watercolor Painting Step By Step (Barn Owl)

It’s been a while since I last posted images of a work in progress and the steps to a finished painting.  I recently finished this painting of a barn owl.  I’ve had barn owls on the mind a lot.  In fact, the creative powers that be have been sending me all sorts of messages and hints in this direction.  So I followed the creative flow with this as the result.  I will add that my first attempt was a total “crash and burn” leaving me in some doubts as to whether or not it was something I could do.  However, I pulled up my “big girl pants” and paints to give it another go, with happier results!  

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Holiday Small Works Show (Copley Society of Art)

I have new watercolor art hanging in the annual holiday small works show at the Copley Society of Art gallery in Boston, Mass.  This show is easily one of COSO’s most eagerly anticipated events.  The gallery will be donating 10% of sales from the show to the Boston Public schools education department.  I love this way of giving back to the community!  My painting of a Barred owl, titled, “Prelude”, is 11 1/2″h x 14 1/2″w.  Beginning with an open reception on November 14th (5:30pm-7:30pm), the show runs through December 23rd.

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Autumn’s Artwork (Fall in New England)

What’s not to love about Fall in New England?!  The brilliance of fall foliage, cool crisp nights and sunny days, taking long walks in the woods, migrating bird sightings and photo opportunities, sweater weather and sitting by the fire, cups of cocoa and my personal favorite… hardly any bugs!!  I look forward to September and October all year long and revel in EVERY moment of it.  The ducks are reappearing on the pond as they begin to migrate and I never know what I’ll see when I step outside the studio and walk down to the water’s edge.  The fruiting trees are loaded with fruit, around which animals and birds of all sorts can be seen.  I’ve even eaten a few apples myself.  After all, when in Rome… 

I’m working on several small paintings of a few of the creatures I’ve seen lately.  These new works will be heading down to the Copley gallery in Boston in early November.  More on that soon!


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