The Art of Studio Distancing – (Artfully Yours Online)

Hey everyone!  I wanted to take a moment to check in during this distressing and trying time.  I hope you are in a safe place and taking steps to minimize the health risks to you and your loved ones.  I’m making an effort to look for the bright side of things and encourage you to do the same.  Working at home has it’s benefits, like making it easy to socially distance myself; however, with all of my galleries and upcoming events either closed or cancelled, I suddenly find myself without any income for an indefinite period of time.  Okay… that bit is scary too and I’m not alone, by any means.  

When there’s a run on toilet paper happening everywhere, buying art is just not a priority.  I get it.  I really do.  Since meeting in person isn’t a good idea either, what’s an artist to do?!   Well, she stays in the studio and makes more art, among other things.  If we can’t meet at galleries and exhibits, let’s meet online!  Hey, I’m at home and you’re at home… time to catch up by reading my E-newsletter, browse my website and see what new art images are there, read my blog postings or hop onto Facebook and/or Instagram.  I’m still a newbie with Instagram, so bear with me there!  If you have questions or want to see a larger image of a particular artwork, give me a call, send a PM (private message on Facebook) or an email and I will do my best to make it happen.  And, I’m always up for a chat with my peeps!

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Studio Doings at the Spring Equinox

The vernal spring equinox takes place on March 19th this year, the turning point when the hours of daylight are more than the hours of darkness.  Bring on those warm and life bringing rays of sunshine!!  All this daylight is making us a bit giddy in the studio lately and is a reflection of the the awakening of life around the pond too.  My eyes open in the mornings to sunshine streaming through the window and the sounds of birds singing again.  I am reminded of what it felt like to be eleven years old with the excitement of waking up on a Saturday morning, realizing there is no school or church and the whole day is ahead of me.  So, in keeping with the spirit of my inner child, I go outside to play as often as possible and getting a much needed nature fix after the long winter months of hibernating by the wood stove.

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Painting In Progress (North American Cardinal)

I’m continuing to work on a series of small, 5″x5″ or 4″ x 6″ paintings of birds, which I began at the end of last year.  For the time being, I’m limiting it to those birds I see in the area surrounding my studio.  As I go through my reference photos, I’m realizing there are a lot of birds here!  I feel so lucky and grateful to live and work as a wildlife artist in this part of the world.  It’s rare for me to see cardinals around the studio, and even rarer that I’m able to get photos when I do see one, which makes creating these paintings all the more special.

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Winter Members Show: Full Spectrum!

The Copley Society of Art in Boston, MA is hosting it’s Winter Members Show, February 20th until April 5th, 2020.  And I’m excited to announce one of my paintings, “Snowed In” was accepted into the exhibition.  This is a juried show that counts towards upgrading my membership to professional artist status – one of my year 2020 goals.  An artist can upgrade their status by winning merit awards (of which I’ve received one so far!) and/or having work accepted into a certain number of juried show (two under my belt).  I am very close to obtaining that professional status so wish me luck in the coming year!  Of course, I’d love to sell this painting too so there is a lot to hope for with the opening of this show.

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Photo Adventures in the White Mountains

I try to take a daily walk through the woods surrounding our home.  I follow the animals trails or the old logging roads if the snow isn’t too deep.  When the White Mountains are in the grip of winter, animal and bird sightings can be few and far between, but sometimes there are moments that surprise me.  My camera is almost always with me just in case.  At times it feels like I’m a solitary explorer deep in the wilderness, the only living thing for miles around and then I’ll come upon tracks in the snow.  Lots of tracks and I am not alone after all.  At times I follow them, just to see where they go and try to figure out what they were doing or looking for along the way.  I find rubbings on trees where the deer have hooked their horns, impressions of deer beds in the snow, the scent markings of a coyote or fox, large areas of snow disturbed by a flock of turkeys scratching for a meal of acorns or other nuts found in the snow.  I look for snowshoe hare tracks for assurance that they are still sharing the woods with me.  You just never know what stories will be found along the way.

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Begin Anywhere… New year, New Adventures

I found myself at loose ends towards the end of the 2019 year with no idea of what to do with myself regarding the direction of my artistic pursuits.  A writer friend of mine encouraged me with the phrase “Begin Anywhere”, which really resonates with me.  With the year 2020 being the start of a new decade, I think it will make for a great mantra to follow in the coming year.  That said… I’m pulling up my big girl pants and diving right into the deep end!  I’m expanding my color palette, trying some new painting surfaces and even some bold, “painting-outside-my-comfort-zone” ideas.  What can I do better,  what can I learn, what’s something new I can try and what big ideas can I translate into “big magic” in the studio. 

I’m also re-evaluating my business plan, something I try to do every 5 or 6 years and focus my energy on having a thriving art business.  To that end I’m taking a bit of a leap of faith here and cutting back on the number of art festivals I attend so I have more time to spend creating art.  This will mean working and living on a tighter budget but it will also provide me with the time to focus on the above mentioned goals.   And hey, at least I will have tried.  If it doesn’t work, another door will open somewhere else, as the saying goes.  Just begin… anywhere.

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Art Exhibition at Vermont Institute of Natural Science

The Vermont Institute of Natural Science has invited me to once again have an exhibition of my birds and wildlife artwork from January through March of 2020.  It has been several years since my last show there and I’m looking forward to showing some new works!  For more information, you can go to their website link:

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Color Connection Show – Copley Society of Art

You can find two new watercolor paintings of mine in the upcoming small works show, “Color Connection”, opening at the Copley Society of Art gallery in Boston, Mass. on January 9th, 2020.  As it’s my first show there in the new year, I thought this painting of a goldfinch, titled “Going For Gold” would be an appropriate one to start the year off since one of my goals is to obtain the next level of “professional artist” status with the Copley Society. Putting some power of positive thinking energy out there!

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Farewell to 2019 – A Year of Art

The end of the 2019 year is upon us and also the end of a decade!  Wow… when did THAT happen?!  This past decade brought many changes to my artistic endeavors but I can look back with satisfaction on the many goals I attained.  This past year in particular I worked my paintbrush to a stub and what a busy year it has been with the creation of 32 new artworks (a new high for me!).  The following works pictured above found their way into their new homes with art lovers and collectors, for which I am deeply grateful.  Makes me happy to know my work is so appreciated and I’m honored by the many people who have bought my art over the years and continue to buy my work.  I means I can keep doing what I love and hopefully making even more art that people will love.  Farewell to the 2019 year and hello to the start of a new decade!  May it bring prosperity, peace and more kindness to you all in the coming year.  

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Small Works, Big Impressions (Bird Art)

Several weeks ago I came across a forgotten assortment of small pieces of watercolor paper.  Scraps really, but clearly my thrifty Scottish heritage couldn’t bear to throw this wonderful paper away.  Regardless of it’s size, it’s time I did SOMETHING with it.  Other than just continue to shove it into a corner of a cabinet drawer, that is.  I started sketching out some of my favorite songbirds in a 5″h x 5″w size.  One thing lead to another and pretty soon I had a series of songbird paintings in the works.  And, hey… I’m having fun!  Not just because of the subject matter, but also by working within such a minimal formatKeep it simple and keep the bird the primary focus are the only rules.  I don’t have a particular purpose for these small works, other than to please myself, which has felt a bit liberating.  Most of the time I’m painting work for a specific show, a gallery or a customer commission so for the first time in a long while I’m painting… just because.  At the risk of taking the magic out of this experience, I think I’ll keep going and see just how many small works come out of it.  And, who knows… a collection of small works hanging together just might make for a very big impression.    

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