On The Drawing Table… (brown bear)

Painting In Progress

Before you ask…no, brown bears are not found in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  Last year, I took a trip to Chicago to visit a favorite cousin and aunt and uncle.  Since we’re all mad about photography and watching animals, we decided to take a trip to the Brookfield zoo so I could obtain reference photos of a wider range of animals than what I’m accustomed to seeing here in New England.  You never know when I might need to create a painting of , oh, I don’t know….baboons or penguins, for example!

I like the way this brown bear had his head tilted up to the sun while sleeping and the way the light played off the variations of color in his fur.  Brown bears are immensely large and even when resting, you can’t forget how powerful they are.   I thought a painting showing the contrast between his strength, reflected by the size of his head and those enormous clawed feet, and his peaceful demeanor basking in the warm sun would make for an interesting painting.

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