Painting In Progress (mallard duck)

Taking Flight mallards adj

This is another painting I’m currently working on for my solo exhibit “The Birds of Pondicherry”.  The refuge offers resting and nesting habitats for a variety of migrating waterfowl as well as other birds and wildlife so I’ve no shortage of subject matter to choose from.   When this painting is finished I will have 7 paintings completed and that means there are only 18 more to go for this show.  I can do it!!

I find it difficult to paint what I’m not familiar with and being out at the refuge observing birds is an important part of my creative  process.  I’ve been granted another permit this year from the Dept. of Fish & Game to set up my blind for observation and photography, which I’m very grateful for.  Of course, I’m also grateful to my husband for being the “pack mule” and accompanying me on my forays into the refuge.  We have spent countless hours together sitting inside the rather cramped quarters, waiting and watching.  Sometimes it means walking away without having seen much of anything.  But, then there are those moments when you get to observe a pair of adult blue herons with recently fledged young or the excitement of a rarely seen bird species comes within camera range.   However, I wouldn’t mind there being fewer bugs to deal with since the “intrepid artist” suddenly becomes a raving lunatic when anything with antenna and more than two legs lands on her, but I guess I should chalk that up to “paying my dues”!

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  1. Melody says:

    all I can say is wow! You’ve really captured them! You go girl!

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