Painting In Progress (snowy owl)

snowyowlWIPThis week’s painting in progress so far… I forget how challenging it can be to paint these birds until I’m far enough along that I’m compelled to finish it.  It’s like reading a good book… I must find out how it ends.  Will it be my next masterpiece or an abysmal failure?  At times, I find myself holding my breath too long  and have to remind myself to breath normally again before I pass out face first into the paint tray!

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3 Responses to Painting In Progress (snowy owl)

  1. Connie Lowell says:

    DOn’t pass out, Jeanette! It looks like a winner already. Stunning! It’s a lot oeasier to look at a snowy owl when temperatures outside are rising. ; )

  2. Jeanette Fournier says:

    Thanks for the positive feedback Connie!

  3. It’s beautiful … I so enjoy seeing your work .. especially your work in progress .. Love seeing the finished product too .. so don’t fall into the paint tray ..can’t wait to see the snowy owl finished.

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