Painting In Progress (songbirds)


Featuring this week’s painting in progress so far…one more for the “Birds of Pondicherry” exhibit.   Actually, I finished this painting today but I can’t show it to you just yet.  Sorry!  Any guesses as to what it is?  I think I’m up to 8 completed paintings so far and only 17 more to go for this event.  Whoa…still sounds like a lot when I see it in writing!  I’ll be shifting gears shortly though and getting some more paintings done for the other upcoming exhibit.

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5 Responses to Painting In Progress (songbirds)

  1. Kady Dunn says:

    I’m betting on Crossbill! Kady

  2. Ken Gauthier says:

    So you want us to guess what it is… and it’s tagged “american goldfinch.” hmmmmm… tufted titmouse?

  3. Jeanette Fournier says:

    OOPS! And here I thought I was being so clever!

  4. Jeanette Fournier says:

    That’s a good guess…but not quite right. However, I’ve got Crossbills on my list and was lucky enough to have a small flock here this winter! This painting is of a goldfinch.

  5. Kady Dunn says:

    Hey no fair on the tags.I had no idea that was part of the info on the painting above it.I was baseing my guess on pose and the fact of the pine cones. I’m always a bird watcher first not a computer detective.

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