Snakes, bugs and frogs….Oh, My!

There is no telling what sorts of creatures I’ll encounter in my forays into the wilds of the White Mountains but there’s no shortage around my home either!  Saw this little snake the other day, basking in the sun on top of a rock wall  near where I was weeding the garden.  I was content to let it do it’s thing while I did mine.  Maybe it’ll grow big enough to catch the rodent which is eating all my flowers!

My husband discovered this GIANT caterpillar in our woodshed.  It was as big around as a nickel and at least 2 inches long,  if not more.  With equal parts horror and amazement, we admired it’s beautiful color and size.  We have since learned it’s a Cecropia silk worm and will become a silk moth, one of North America’s largest.  I carefully placed it in a nearby tree where we hope it found a better place to hang out and do it’s thing…which is to morph into a big beautiful moth.  We’re also hoping we get to see it when that happens.

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  1. I remember seeing one of those caterpillars when I was a little girl…I thought the same thing how beautiful the color was but not being a fan of crawling creatures I did not pick it up..I sometimes wondered if there where any others because I never saw another one till now…..Thanks for sharing…

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