Painting Wildlife In The White Mountains (New Hampshire)

When we first bought our house here, we asked the previous owner if he saw much wildlife.  His response was an emphatic “no, never”.  Being a artist who paints wildlife, I was a bit discouraged by this but we went about planting a variety of trees, plants and bushes to attract birds and encourage wildlife anyway.  I thought, this is the White Mountain National Forest I’m living in…of course there’s wildlife here!  The first weekend we spent renovating the house, I stopped to catch my breath and happened to glance out a window.  Standing in the snowy back yard were two deer, not more than 20 feet away, digging through the snow to get to the grass under it.  In the six years since then, we have observed deer, moose, black bears, porcupines, wild turkeys, ruffed grouse, grey fox, red fox, snowshoe hares, bobcat, weasel, river rat (ewww!), raccoon, numerous owls, hawks and countless varieties of birds to name a few.  OK, I’m going out on a limb here, but we have also been lucky enough to once see a mountain lion.  I know, I know…that’s like telling people I’ve seen a unicorn, but it’s true.  It was one of the most beautiful creatures I’ve ever seen and I treasure the memory of it.  Living in such close proximity to the natural world is what inspires my artwork and there’s always something new and wonderful for me to try and capture in my paintings.  No wildlife… are you kidding me?!

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2 Responses to Painting Wildlife In The White Mountains (New Hampshire)

  1. Ken says:

    So when and where did you see the mountain lion?

  2. Jeanette Fournier says:

    It was in 2009 on Streeter Pond Road in Sugar Hill…not far from Streeter Pond, as we were heading back towards Sugar Hill. It was about 6:30pm and it came down onto the road from the woods about 35′ ahead of our truck. At first we thought it was a coyote but we both said at the same time “that’s not a dog” when we saw the way it moved and the long tail. Not to mention the enormous size of it. It stopped in the middle of the road, looked right at us and then casually turned and went back up the bank into the woods. I carry my camera ALL the time when I’m in that area now!

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