New Studio Progress Report (White Mountains, NH)

Another big step taken at the new house/studio!  Now that the warmer weather is finally here again, we’re back to work on renovations.  Part of this meant finding a good spot to put my studio sign.  While clearing away a large swath of brush, blackberry brambles and weeds from along the edge of the driveway, we discovered this owl sculpture carved from the stump of a tree.  How cool is that!!  The sculpture has been there a long time, and is a bit worn down, but still…talk about serendipity.  If I needed a sign to tell me we’d made the right decision, then this was it.  The ground was soft enough, despite the rocky ledge, to sink a couple of posts and get my studio sign up.  I need a few sunny days now for putting a fresh coat of paint on the lettering, get some perennial flowers planted around it and I’ll be one step closer to done!  I’m thinking of going with wild roses and/or the tiger lilies found near the pond, in keeping with something natural to the area.

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  1. Elaine W says:

    Looking Good Jeanette. Keep it up.

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