Sunflowers & Songbirds III Painting In Progress


I’ve recently sketched the third painting in the “Sunflowers & Songbirds” series and have begun painting this week.  We plant a sunflower garden every year because they are just so cheerful to look at and it’s fun to see them grow over the course of the summer.  I especially like the giant ones that tower over me.  Sunflowers are a lot of fun to paint when they are in full bloom; however, I was drawn to the look of this one because it was towards the end of the growing season last year and the flower head drooped from the weight of the seeds produced.  Remnants of brilliant yellow remained in the flower petals, rusty reds and browns on the flower head as well as varying shades of green in the leaves inspired me to attempt a painting of it.  And, of course, the bold dark stripes of the Nuthatch to work into this painting will keep me busy!  Many songbirds came to feed on the seeds and I had a lot of opportunities to watch them forage in our sunflower garden.   If you’ve never grown a sunflower garden, I highly recommend it…not only for it’s cheerfulness but for the fun of watching how nature provides for it’s own.

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