Photo Adventures In The Woods

young porcupineIt’s not every day that I just happen to be traveling along and look up at just the right time to find a young porcupine looking back at me.  And I do mean young, since I’ve seen bigger domestic cats than this little one!  I can honestly say I’ve never seen such a small porcupine before and was delighted to watch it peeking shyly from it’s perch in a tree.  So I took a few photos and let it get on with doing whatever it is porcupines do.  And then I happened upon this GIANT paper wasp nest photopaper wasp nest hanging in a tree.  Seriously, it was the size of a frozen Thanksgiving turkey.  Definitely not so cute (at least in my book)!  Impressive?  Most definitely yes, but I still gave it and them a wide berth only to discover yet ANOTHER  large nest not too far away from the first one.  I could hear a steady buzzing noise and decided that this could easily become my worst nightmare.  I slowly and VERY quietly put some distance between them and me.  I seemed to be finding the stinging, prickly side of nature on this trip…where were all the soft bunnies and fawns?!

One afternoon I heard the piercing whistle of hawk right over my head and was able to catch a glimpse of it sailing through the trees before coming to rest on the branch of a poplar tree nearby.  A few more whistles, as well as taking a good long look at me, and it soon flew off.  Searching for better hunting grounds, I assume.

hawk photo I’m not sure what sort of hawk this is…maybe it’s a Sharp-shinned Hawk?  Who knows what I’ll find or see next time, but I treasure each of these little moments with nature.  When was the last time you took a walk in the woods or your nearby park?

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