Drawn To Nature – Sketch #1 (Giraffe)

Giraffe graphite sketchIn 2014, I will be celebrating 10 years in business and will host my first “open studio” event to celebrate both my new “digs” as well as the milestone of 10 years in business. WOW…It went by so fast!!

I’ve begun a series of small pencil drawings, which I’m titling “Drawn To Nature”.  This was the first one to come off the drawing board.  I hope to have several completed to exhibit in my new studio/gallery for the opening event.  Each of these drawings has a story behind it, which I’ll highlight in postings here over the next several months.

This is the giraffe story:  When I was a child, my parents took us to a zoo in Canada, where I had my first encounter with exotic animals.  By exotic, I mean something not found on a local farm, the New England forest or the area agricultural fair.  It was here I saw my first giraffe and (for my part anyway) it was love at first sight.  I remember watching one of these wonderful creatures gracefully wander towards me.  He (or she) simply towered over me and then lowered that immense head closer to my level.  I was entranced and wouldn’t (couldn’t!) have moved for the world.  To my astonished delight, the giraffe’s long tongue came out and licked my face.  It looked at me a moment longer with those big brown eyes, and then wandered off along the fence.  In reality, I’m sure it was looking to see if I had any food from one of the machines located throughout the park.  You know the kind…you put a quarter in and got a handful of grain.  However, I prefer to think of it as my first kiss.  By a giraffe, no less.  They say you never forget your first… 🙂

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