Drawn To Nature Series – Sketch #3 (Chipmunk)

Chipmunk WISketch #3- The Chipmunk story…  You either love them or hate them.  They are charming or raiders of the fruits of your gardening labors.  I am definitely in the “love em and charming” group, despite their efforts to eat all of my cherry tomatoes and the ripening strawberries in our gardens.   I had no idea they even liked tomatoes until this past summer!  Well, I guess since we like tomatoes, why not them too!  Additionally, they provide countless hours of exuberant chasing for our dog, Emma.  I have known many chipmunks over my lifetime, some of which were tame enough to sit on my leg and eat food out of my hand.  I knew a man once who could call one to him and it would run up his arm, alternately diving into his shirt pocket or sitting on his shoulder eating seeds.   As a child, I found this endlessly entertaining, especially when it would eventually sit in my hand and eat nuts too.  However, this sketch was done with one of its more wild brethren as my model, who, no doubt, is the master mind behind the regular raiding parties on the strawberry patch at our house.


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