Drawn to Nature – Sketch #4 (horse art)

Sleeping Beauty

Title: “Sleeping Beauty”

The foal story:  Several years ago, when I was living in Vermont, I had been out exploring the area near my home.  While driving a back road in Colchester, I glimpsed a field with horses in it.  Being the complete and total horse nut that I am, I pulled over to admire them when I noticed one of the mares had a new foal.  The foal was running about in short bursts with an occasional hop and a kick out of a leg now and then for good measure.  It was definitely one of those “Awwww…how cute” moments.  I pulled out my camera and decided to try for a few photos.  Naturally, just as I did this, the foal decided this was exhausting play and it was time to lay down in the shade cast by it’s mother to take a nap.  I took some photos anyway and this sketch is the result.  I’ve titled this illustration “Sleeping Beauty”.

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