Red-Tail Hawk Art for Integrity Award (New England Society of American Foresters)

Red-tail hawk I have been selected by the New England Society of American Foresters as the artist to provide artwork which will be presented to the winners of the Integrity Award at their annual meeting.  Several months ago, following an intensive submission process, I learned my name had been “short-listed” down to four finalist and then I got “THE CALL, letting me know I was the finalist chosen to provide the art for this award.  This is SUCH an honor! hawk painting in progressAfter submitting a couple of sketches, along with the completed image you see above, the reviewing committee decided on the finished painting of a Red-tail Hawk for the award.  The artwork submitted for consideration needed to represent the ideal of “Integrity” in some format and use nature to portray the concept for this.   My thoughts turned to Red-tail hawks, one of the raptor species I see most often during my forays in and around the woods.  It’s probably one of the most recognizable hawks and it’s always enthralling to see one perched in a tree.   I’ve read that in some cultures, the hawk is seen as a symbol for hope, inspiration, foresight and leadership and deemed the protectors and visionaries.  With that in mind, I thought the Red-tail hawk would best personify the ideal of integrity in this regard and a subject many people could identify with in this theme.

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