Drawn To Nature – Sketch #5 (black bear)

Black Bear WI copyrightNothing is quite so thrilling as  the chance to see a black bear in the wild.  I find them endlessly fascinating and don’t see them often enough, despite their ongoing dumpster diving raids during the warmer months in some of the area towns!  We did have one summer when several adolescent bears were routinely getting into the building where we stored our garbage.  We thought we were doing everything right to ensure they could not get into our trash but they figure a way around every trick.  Until they finally resorted to just tearing the door off in shattered, broken chunks which were then only good for use in the outdoor fire pit.  OK…point taken.  We decided the time had come to use our “superior” human brain to solve this.  So we called the NH Fish and Game where one of the wardens told us to soak a couple of rags in ammonia, leave it tied to the door and place another ammonia soaked rag on top of the cans.  It worked like a charm!  A good snoot full of that smell made our eyes water so you can imagine the reaction from a much more sensitive nose.   After that, things settled down that summer but we always keep a jug of ammonia handy…just in case.   Oh, and we let the wild blackberry and blueberry bushes expand around the edges of our yard and planted some apple trees so the bears would be encouraged to come back and visit once in a while.

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