Drawn To Nature – Sketch #6

Sketch6-Bobcat WIAnother sketch in this series, in preparation for a potential painting of the same later this year.  If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ve noticed I’ve been painting a lot of birds the past couple of months, in preparation for two art exhibits so it was refreshing to take a day off from painting and do some drawing.  I’ve had the reference photos of this bobcat for a while and it just seemed to keep falling out of the folder and into my hands or onto the table as I sorted through images.  I can take a hint!  I’m very pleased with the texture of the fur and think I captured the focused look in it’s eyes quite well.  Now…let’s see how it translates into a painting in a few months!

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  1. Melody says:

    Love the pen & ink, will be exciting to see it in color as well.

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