Photo Adventure in the Wild (Maine Wildlife Park)

linx pic 1Now THAT’S a look if ever I saw one.  Not a cat I would mess with.  This is a Canadian Lynx, a bit larger than the Bobcat I’m more used to seeing, although they are found here in the northern mountains of NH.  I’ve only ever seen one in the wild, specifically in the Bretton Woods area.  It is a treasured wildlife sighting because it was a rare and unexpected event for me.  This is one of the photos I took during a recent trip to the Maine Wildlife Park, in Gray, Maine.  This image will definitely find it’s way into a painting soon.  I also had a chance to photograph some younger versions of this species, which will also make good reference images for another painting idea! Bobcat pic1  I’ll be working on several paintings of the “big cats” of New England for my upcoming open studio event this Fall.  Stay tuned for more news on both the artwork and my open studio event!

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