Artwork In Progress (northern cardinal art)

cardinal painting in progressIt’s been a while since I’ve posted images of the progression of a painting as I work on it and thought I’d share this recent painting with you.  I’m working on a series of images using birds and quilts to represent the 4 seasons.  In Step #1, I’ve sketched the artwork and masked out the areas I want to protect while I work on the background.  StitchInTime WIP2In Step #2, I’ve also completed the rocking chair and I’m ready to begin the quilt and bird.  I decided to paint the quilt next and work from left to right, to avoid accidentally dripping water or blobs of paint onto a finished bird.  As you can see with Step #3, I’ve finished the quiltStitchInTime WIP3 as well as applied a wash of color to the cardinal.  I’ve begun working on the details of the bird too and have left the window to the far left for last because I’m not sure what sort of flowers I want in the pot on the windowsill.  Check out next week’s blog for the finished image!

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