Visit to Norman Rockwell Museum

In my previous post, I wrote about my stay in the former studio of the artist Norman Rockwell.  Since it wasn’t too far away, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to continue my journey by going to the Norman Rockwell museum located in Stockbridge, MA, which has a large collection of his original paintings.  Wow…what a treat that was to see!  So many of his most iconic artworks as well as the drawings and sketches he created as preliminary studies.  NRockwell art1Two of my favorites are the artworks featuring “A Day In The Life of A Girl” and a “A Day In The Life of A Boy”, which are simply incredible.  This is one of my favorite images from “the girl” painting.  The colors, facial and physical features, perfectly captured reflected light and economy of surrounding details are so beautifully, perfectly rendered.

I didn’t realize just how popular his work still is until we arrived at the museum to find it absolutely packed with people.  We gamely stood in line for almost half an hour just to get a ticket in.  His paintings, The Four Freedoms, had the largest crowds by far and with good reason.  They were simply breath-taking to see in person and were some of his largest works.  I highly recommend a visit to this museum to see his works of art.

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