The Wild Within/The Wild Without Exhibit (The Gallery at WREN)

Spirit of Owl WIExhibit: May 6th-May 31st, 2016. Artist Reception: May 6th, 5pm-7pm.

The inspiration for “Spirit of Owl” came to me while I was sitting out on the porch early one evening listening to several Barred owls calling back and forth in the woods around my house.  Such a haunting sound.  It’s right up there with the sound of loons, as far as I’m concerned!  I managed to call an owl into the trees close by when it was almost too dark to see it.  There was just enough light left to make out most of it’s head and upper wings while the rest disappeared into the shadows.   Few other birds have as much mystery and myth about them and I couldn’t have an exhibit of spirit animals and birds without including at least one painting of an owl!  I’m quite proud of this one and hope it will be well received at the show too.

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