Kingdom Animalia Exhibition – Whistler House Musum of Art

InTheWeeds WII am just THRILLED to announce that my artwork is part of the “Kingdom Animalia” exhibition being held at the Whistler House Museum of Art in Lowell, MA from May 11th through June 18th, 2016.  My painting in an actual museum of art!!  And not just ANY museum of art but one that is the historic birthplace of non other than James McNeill Whistler (you know… he of the famous “Whistler’s Mother” painting).  The museum is known internationally for it’s distinguished collection of 19th and 20th century New England representational art, including works by Whistler, Gorky and Sargent.  And, now it will also include a Fournier on the walls… at least for the duration of the exhibit.  The opening event for the exhibit will be held on Saturday, May 14th, 2pm-4pm, in case you want to check out the show!

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