Photo Adventures In The Wild (New Hampshire)

Osprey2016It has been a relief and a joy to get outdoors after the long winter months and the many weeks of preparing for my latest exhibition of artwork (see previous posts!) to feel the warmth of the sun again!  The osprey have recently arrived back at our pond, providing a great opportunity to photograph one perched nearby.  Several other animals and birds have recently made a springtime appearance,  some more welcome than others!  I can live wiRabbit2016thout the ticks and black flies…  I’m fine with sharing the backyard with our resident hares and woodchucks too; however, I’ll have to be sure the garden fence is in good working order! Groundhog2016

Many birds have returned and I’ll have some new photos to share with you shortly.  I want to spend some time outdoors gathering new reference material and doing some field sketching for new artwork.  Never a dull moment and there is always something to see.

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