A Window of Inspiration

Pond Photo4The view from my studio window is a source of inspiration for me.  When we were building, I wanted as much natural light as possible in the studio. Since I spend a lot of time in there, I want to be able to see the outdoors when I can’t actually be out in it.  This is especially true in the winter months with the shortened hours of daylight!  We put a seven foot window on the south-western facing wall, which also looks out on the pond below our house.  I love this window.  In the early morning, I look out this window while enjoying a cup of tea, watching the day begin and think about what needs doing in the studio.  Through this window, I observe the change of seasons as well as the activity of life on and around the pond.  The beaver making it’s way over to inspect the dam, various waterfowl and the occasional loon fishing the length of the pond.  I’ve watched Osprey soaring high above before diving down to catch a fish just below the surface of the water.  I’ve seen hawks hunting among the trees around the edges of the pond.  And, once, I had the rare treat of seeing a moose swim across the pond.  It’s my favorite time of day and these mental reflections help to focus my thoughts and quiet my mind before I begin the day.  In this age of constant media connections in all it’s forms, I find taking time away from all of that to be in the world and experience it directly is an important part of being inspired to create art.  Find a window to the world.  Be inspired.

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