Artisans On The Green ( Center Sandwich, NH)

Spirit of Black Bear WI

Join me on August 11th, 10am – 4pm on the town green in Center Sandwich for the Artisans On The Green festival.  My booth space this year is #14, on the side of the green nearest the Main Street.  I’ll have original watercolor artworks and unframed prints on exhibit and for sale.  Since this event is sponsored by the local League of NH Craftsmen gallery, it’s a bit different from most, in that it’s also an event where the artists are encouraged to have demonstrations of how they create.  In keeping with this theme, I’ll have a “How Do You Do That?” step by step presentation in my booth.  This is a visual setup showing a painting in the various stages I take to complete a painting.  It’s fun to talk about and people seem to enjoy seeing how the art starts as a line drawing to the finished painting.

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  1. Fran Duncan says:

    Hi Jeanette,
    I received your call on the Ellis River Art Studio phone but it’s a cell phone and I had trouble trying to call back. Can you call me at my home number? I remember you and your art from several years ago when I was with the Mt. Washington Valley Arts Assoc. I’d love to talk to you about Ellis River. Talk to you soon.

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