A Painting In Progress (Ruby-throated Hummingbirds)

Hummingbirds WIPStage 1:  Here’s a peek at the stages of a work in progress currently on the drawing table.  A lot of little details in this piece and that’s not even including the birds yet!  But, that’s part of the fun for me.  Along with my imagination, I’m using parts of several photographs for creating the composition.  This image shows the completed sketch with masking so I can work on the background without having the paint bleed onto the birds, flowers and leaves.


Hummingbirds WIP2Stage 2:  I’ve put the first layer of color  in the sky, then another soft wash of a transparent green (using Viridian here) over the blue along the bottom half of the image.  



Hummingbirds WIP3 Stage 3:  In this phase, I’m working on completing the flowers and leaves while painting my way down from the top.  Lots of little details and subtle shading here, with the flowers adding a nice “POP” of color bringing the foliage into the foreground.


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