Photo Adventures in the Wild

FB Banner SquirrelHere I was, going along in the woods, thinking I was being very quiet and stealthy when this grey squirrel spotted me and started chattering in alarm.  It soon returned to gathering pine cones, letting me get on with my own business, and the woods quieted down again.Deer 2017

A little while later, a small herd of 9 deer, composed of several doe with fawns came through.  Such a rare surprise and so exciting to see!!  Unfortunately, I had to stay very still and was only able to take a couple of photos or I would have scared them off.  A few apples were eaten, some tender buds off shrubs and they soon moved off in the search for other food.  rabbit photo1Soon enough our resident snow shoe hare put in an appearance and I could see that it’s fur was beginning to turn from brown to white.  Another sign that the times, they are a changing!


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