Cows on the Drawing Board (cow art)

Curious Cows WIWhere I live, there are small and large family farms mixed in with village communities and large tracts of rugged, mountainous forests.  You can’t drive down the back roads between towns without passing a farm in much of the northern VT and NH areas.   This diversity is one of the things I love best about where I live and from which I draw inspiration for much of my animal art.  I find cows very endearing and my own fondness comes from my grandmother’s love of cows.  I used to take her for drives to get her out of the house and it became one of our “things” to do together.  If there was a farm with cows by the roadside, we had to stop and look at them.  In fact, I keep a photo of her peering through a fence at a herd of cows near my drawing table.  I took the photo on one of our adventures and as a reminder of our “road trips” together.  I think it would make a good painting too…  an old woman and a cow looking at each other over a fence.

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