The Year of the Dog (Chinese calendar 2018)

This year marks the Year of the Dog in the Chinese calendar and, happily, I have several ideas for new artwork featuring the wild canines we share the world with.  Closer to home I have red fox, grey fox, coyotes and wolves to RedFox WIPchoose from as well as African wild dogs (aka painted dogs), Arctic fox, hyenas and the dingo, which are a bit further afield.  The red fox is the one I’ve most frequently observed and photographed here in New England, so I decided to start there in my quest to paint our wild canines.  This image is only a small portion of a larger painting in progress of a red fox in a classic hunting pose of leaping into the air to pounce into the snow.  I was lucky enough to witness this one winter day while out exploring in the Bretton Woods area of New Hampshire.   

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