Gallery News (Copley Society of Art, Boston)

Social Networking WI400For many years, I’ve had my eye on The Copley Society of Art as a gallery and art organization in which I hoped to one day exhibit my art; however, I wanted a few years to “find my artistic voice” and develop my skills.  At the end of last year, I decided to be brave and apply.  I am so very thrilled to share the news that I have been accepted as an artist in the Copley Society of Art in Boston, following a very competitive jury process.  The origins of The Copley Society date back to the 1870s.   With names like James McNeil Whistler, Claude Monet, John Singer Sargent and the sculptor Auguste Rodin (to name just a few!) on the roster of artistic luminaries linked with this association,  I am so excited at this opportunity to enter the mainstream art world and exhibit my art in such a storied and distinguished gallery.  I’m looking forward to exhibiting my art and working with this gallery in the future.  This is definitely something to add to the “Good News” jar for 2018!!

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2 Responses to Gallery News (Copley Society of Art, Boston)

  1. Impressive!


    Struttin’ proud.

    Love, Uncle Henri Pelletier.

  2. I am so happy for you. Also very proud.
    Uncle Henri!

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