Backyard Birding and Sketching

FB Banner SparrowWinter is when the bird feeders can be hung around the yard again.  During the summer and fall months we have to take down and/or bring the feeders indoors, otherwise black bears raid them, causing all sorts of mayhem that’s better avoided, for both the bears and humans.  I love being able to watch how the birds interact, the social groups of large flocks, the bullying of the bigger birds (yes, I’m talking about you, Blue Jays!) and having the opportunity to practice my quick sketching.

While lingering over my morning cup of tea, it’s my routine to check out what’s happening at the bird feeders before I head into the studio for the day.  I have a small feeder attached to one of the big windows in my studio too, so I get to observe them up close.  It’s just a tiny feeder held on with a suction cup and sized for chickadees, nuthatch or goldfinch.  Sometimes I look up to find a rose-breasted grosbeak, hairy woodpecker or blue jay finding ways to cram themselves onto it.  Apparently with enough success, to keep coming back!

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