Drawing On Inspiration – Upcoming Solo Exhibit

I’m preparing for a solo show of graphite art at the Equinox Village Gallery in Manchester Center, Vermont in April.  The show is titled, “Drawing On Inspiration” and will feature some of the animals, birds and nature that are the inspiration for my art.  On the right is one of the new artworks I will have for the show.  One day I was sitting on a bench near a stone wall and a raised bed of rhubarb in our yard.  I noticed this chipmunk peeking out at me from under the leaves of the plants.  If the chipmunk had not moved, I would never have seen it quietly watching me as I now watched it!  I love it when these surprising encounters with nature occur, and, when you least expect them.  These moments with nature provide a lifetime of subject matter for my art.  Stay tuned for more news on this exhibit soon!

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