Spring Fling – The Birds Are Back!

Despite the unseemly arctic temperatures this past April (22 degrees and snow until late in the month), the birds are migrating back!!   Saw a flock of Ruby-crowned Kinglets trilling away in the trees along the brook and suddenly the trees are teeming with warbles, finches, phoebes, tree swallows, catbirds and all manner of feathered friends, singing out loud.  The first of the hummingbirds appeared last week and the robins are nesting again on the beam up in the eve of the roof.  I had a wonderful day photographing a few of the many warblers, with a couple new species I could add to my “life bird” list this year.  It was very exciting!  Saw a Black-throated Blue warbler for the first time as well as this Black & White striped warbler.  The usual pair of Canada geese are nesting on the pond and we noticed ducks using one of the duck houses we put up a couple of years ago.  Finally!!  The tree swallows have taken over another duck house but at least something avian is putting it to good use.  I have LOTS of new images to use as references for new watercolor paintings of songbirds. Stay tuned for future artwork!

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