Photo Adventures In The Wild (Yellowstone National Park)

We recently traveled farther afield for one of our photo adventures to explore the vast wildness of Yellowstone National Park.  It was amazing in so many ways… I will never be the same again.  I’m not ready to sell everything and move West… but it was close!  Apparently it has this affect on people and I get it.  Totally.  The breathtaking vistas, the seemingly endless open space and the rugged beauty of the mountains as well as the wildlife viewing kept me enthralled during every moment of our time spent there.  I have about 1500 photos to go through and I am thrilled with the amount of reference materials I have for some future art!  My only regret was not seeing any of the wolves of the Lamar Valley or another pack from other areas of the park.  We tried but it just didn’t happen for us with this trip.  The hordes of people made things a bit difficult as far as driving the roads went but we found many places and quiet moments to enjoy the compelling wilderness areas and to view the diverse wildlife found there.  We were told this  was a record breaking year for attendance at the park and I believe it!  The elk, mule deer, big-horn sheep and pronghorn antelope were a thrill to see as well as several birds on my “life bird” list.  And, I’ve finally seen a buffalo in the wild…  Life is good.  Stay tuned for more on my Yellowstone photo adventure!


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