Photo Adventures in the Wild (birds in winter)

Haven’t had much time to get out taking photos of the wildlife and birds in and around my home range lately, but I did manage a couple of hours in the woods around my house at least.  I’m noticing lots of Evening Grosbeaks suddenly show up at the feeders lately, and since they are on the “threatened” list of bird species, I was delighted to see them.  Also had a female Northern Cardinal put in an appearance for a few days.  And then a male showed up a few days later!  From my shriek of delight you’d have thought a unicorn suddenly showed up in the yard!  From all I’ve read in various “birding reports”, this is expected to be a big year for bird eruption sightings so I’m looking forward to any unusual bird sightings that may occur in the coming winter months.  I’ve noticed a lot more nuthatches than I’ve seen in a long time as well as unusually high numbers of red and grey squirrels this year.   Despite it being winter, there’s still plenty of wildlife activity and subject matter for my art.  Enough to keep me busy in the months to come!  What are you seeing in and around where you live?

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