Backyard Bird Count Weekend

This is an annual event my husband and I take part in each year.  We make sure to have several types of bird feeders set up around the yard for both the ground feeding birds and those that like a perch.  And, yes, the red and grey squirrels can be counted on to notice a free meal!  I always hope for something really unusual to make an appearance but most often we’re treated to the usual birds found in this snowy mountain area.  During this year’s count, it was extremely cold with blustery winds and a high temperature during the day only in the teens and below zero at night.  I’m not sure if this was a factor for the low count, or if it was just our area this year, but I admire how these littlest of creatures can survive the winter months.  And very glad they do.  Regrettably, our resident owl was absent so I didn’t include it in the count; however,  we saw a group of tom turkeys, a ruffed grouse and a flock of Common Redpoll finches that suddenly arrived.  Very considerate of them to show up just in time for the bird count weekend!

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