Autumn’s Artwork (Fall in New England)

What’s not to love about Fall in New England?!  The brilliance of fall foliage, cool crisp nights and sunny days, taking long walks in the woods, migrating bird sightings and photo opportunities, sweater weather and sitting by the fire, cups of cocoa and my personal favorite… hardly any bugs!!  I look forward to September and October all year long and revel in EVERY moment of it.  The ducks are reappearing on the pond as they begin to migrate and I never know what I’ll see when I step outside the studio and walk down to the water’s edge.  The fruiting trees are loaded with fruit, around which animals and birds of all sorts can be seen.  I’ve even eaten a few apples myself.  After all, when in Rome… 

I’m working on several small paintings of a few of the creatures I’ve seen lately.  These new works will be heading down to the Copley gallery in Boston in early November.  More on that soon!


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