Small Works, Big Impressions (Bird Art)

Several weeks ago I came across a forgotten assortment of small pieces of watercolor paper.  Scraps really, but clearly my thrifty Scottish heritage couldn’t bear to throw this wonderful paper away.  Regardless of it’s size, it’s time I did SOMETHING with it.  Other than just continue to shove it into a corner of a cabinet drawer, that is.  I started sketching out some of my favorite songbirds in a 5″h x 5″w size.  One thing lead to another and pretty soon I had a series of songbird paintings in the works.  And, hey… I’m having fun!  Not just because of the subject matter, but also by working within such a minimal formatKeep it simple and keep the bird the primary focus are the only rules.  I don’t have a particular purpose for these small works, other than to please myself, which has felt a bit liberating.  Most of the time I’m painting work for a specific show, a gallery or a customer commission so for the first time in a long while I’m painting… just because.  At the risk of taking the magic out of this experience, I think I’ll keep going and see just how many small works come out of it.  And, who knows… a collection of small works hanging together just might make for a very big impression.    

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