Photo Adventures in the White Mountains

I try to take a daily walk through the woods surrounding our home.  I follow the animals trails or the old logging roads if the snow isn’t too deep.  When the White Mountains are in the grip of winter, animal and bird sightings can be few and far between, but sometimes there are moments that surprise me.  My camera is almost always with me just in case.  At times it feels like I’m a solitary explorer deep in the wilderness, the only living thing for miles around and then I’ll come upon tracks in the snow.  Lots of tracks and I am not alone after all.  At times I follow them, just to see where they go and try to figure out what they were doing or looking for along the way.  I find rubbings on trees where the deer have hooked their horns, impressions of deer beds in the snow, the scent markings of a coyote or fox, large areas of snow disturbed by a flock of turkeys scratching for a meal of acorns or other nuts found in the snow.  I look for snowshoe hare tracks for assurance that they are still sharing the woods with me.  You just never know what stories will be found along the way.

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