Springing to Life – Studio Creativity Inside and Out

I’ll admit it’s getting harder to find the sunny side of things as the Covid-19 health crisis continues.  Walks out in nature provide me with solace and a calmness of spirit when things aren’t going well in the studio or when stress from the wider world intrudes, which seems to be the norm of late.  Since I currently don’t have many of the day to day pressures of running my studio business I’m making an effort to stay creative.  On taking time to sit with my sketchbook and just draw for the pleasure of it.  On finding special moments on my nature walks that are the bright spot of the day, which make me feel good then as well as when recalled later.   While stopping by the pond near our home to watch the ducks, I’m grateful and mindful of how fortunate I am to be surrounded by so much beauty.  The natural world is awakening after another long winter and signs of life are springing up all over.  I think I’ll take a page out of mother nature’s book and concentrate on being creative, of bringing new art to life and looking forward to sunnier times.  Be safe and be well.

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