Behind Closed Doors-Studio Creativity

Rest assured that things are still happening here in the studio despite the more restricted lifestyles we’ve been living lately.  I’m painting new artworks, working on improving and/or learning new skills,  trying to learn new technology, re-organizing the studio and otherwise keeping busy.  I have several large works in progress at the moment with a goal of having them finished for my upcoming exhibition, “Northern Exposure” taking place in September at the Gallery at WREN in Bethlehem, New Hampshire.  I’ll be featuring the wildlife found here in the northern reaches of the state, including many of the songbirds I’ve seen while backyard birding.  Some of the wildlife and birds are threatened with extinction, while others reflect a story of recovery; however, all are treasured icons of this rugged mountainous region.  Stay tuned for more news on this show coming soon!!

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