Wild Things… we love to see you! (photo adventures)

Jumping into the car and going for a drive down back roads, just to see where it goes, is a regular past-time we’ve taken up again.  Especially now when getting out of the house is a must if we find ourselves restless from self isolating.  I’m all for staying at home but there are times when you just need to go somewhere... anywhere.  We’re trying to be careful to keep our distance and NOT go where there are lots of people so driving in the car and looking for wildlife fits the bill.  There are also favorite spots we frequent from previously successful viewing rides.  We keep a count of everything we see and judge the ride a success by the number and variety of wildlife and/or birds we come across along the way.  Some rides are memorable for the jackpot of sightings, like a moose or a bear, but we enjoy the ride even if nothing much is seen.  Sometimes it’s all about being together on the journey…

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