Backyard Birding – A Painting Project Takes Wing

I’ve been an avid “birder” since I was a child, thanks in large part to my grandmother and mother’s interest.  There were always feeders hanging on the front and back porch as well as in the apple tree in the front yard.  I recall watching my mother refill the hummingbird feeder while a hummingbird perched on the top of her head, keeping an eye on things until it was full again.  There was a large field behind our house and beyond our fenced yard.  There were bird houses located the length of the back yard fence and every year blue birds and tree swallows would battle for nesting rights.  I’m a long way from childhood and my interest in bird watching is just as strong; however, I don’t see as many birds these days as I remember from my youth.  Part of this is location since my home is at the top of a small knoll, surrounded by woods and a small pond rather than big hay fields.  Or, I should say I see different birds now.  Part of it is also the decline of bird populations due to loss of habitat and climate change, among other things.  Like most of the country, we’ve spent the spring and summer sheltering at home, so I’ve had more opportunities to observe the bird life than I usually have.  I’ve wanted to work on a series of paintings with an attainable goal.  I decided I would paint all the birds I’ve seen around my home and I’m pleasantly surprised by (and a bit daunted by) just how many there are.  I have a lot of painting ahead of me!  But, what better way to spend this time at home, than in my studio creating a body of bird art.

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