Painting In Progress (Common Loons)

This painting could be called a labor of love, both on my part and for the loons.  The first summer we spent at our current home was a lot of work.  We had to build the studio almost from the ground up and had little time for leisure.  However, we sometimes took moments to put our boat in the pond by our home.  Hearing the sound of loons calling across the water was magical and drew us out onto the water.  We’d gently float along observing the many creatures with whom we shared the pond.  Once, two loons popped up out of the water right next to the boat.  They were so focused on their courtship, they seemed unconcerned with our proximity.  It was a special moment with nature that I treasure and is the inspiration for this painting.   You will be able to see the finished painting at my upcoming exhibit, “Northern Exposure”, to be held at the Gallery at WREN in Bethlehem, New Hampshire in September.

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