Something Old Becomes Something New – Watercolor Painting

I started a large painting of a pair of white-breasted nuthatches quite a while ago; however, I was unsure how to proceed or if it was even worth doing.  It ‘s been tucked away for over a year.  Every now and then I’d pull it out only to realize I was still unhappy with how it was coming out.  I just did not think the composition worked.  So back into storage it would go.  During a recently studio “purge”, I took it out once more to look it over yet again.  Nope.  Not going to work.  I decided to cut out the areas I disliked and keep the parts of the painting that I thought were working.  And just like that… a smaller work came into being.  The composition took on a whole new look and I was inspired once more to finish it. 

Title:  “Upwardly Mobile” (White-breasted nuthatch), Size: 8″h x 18″w, Watercolor

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