A Painting In Progress (Ruby-throated Hummingbirds)

Hummingbirds WIPStage 1:  Here’s a peek at the stages of a work in progress currently on the drawing table.  A lot of little details in this piece and that’s not even including the birds yet!  But, that’s part of the fun for me.  Along with my imagination, I’m using parts of several photographs for creating the composition.  This image shows the completed sketch with masking so I can work on the background without having the paint bleed onto the birds, flowers and leaves.


Hummingbirds WIP2Stage 2:  I’ve put the first layer of color  in the sky, then another soft wash of a transparent green (using Viridian here) over the blue along the bottom half of the image.  



Hummingbirds WIP3 Stage 3:  In this phase, I’m working on completing the flowers and leaves while painting my way down from the top.  Lots of little details and subtle shading here, with the flowers adding a nice “POP” of color bringing the foliage into the foreground.


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“Quilted Comfort” Art Available as Puzzle (Sunsout, Inc.)


My artwork will be featured on a new puzzle available in 2017 at retail stores and also wholesale by the Sunsout, Inc. puzzle company!  I have to thank my brother Phil, for his kitten, my friend Karen W. for her puppy and my neighbor, Laurie M. for her quilt as they provided the models for this painting.   I’ve been told a puzzle needs to be challenging but not too hard to finish or it’s just not fun.  I think I’ve struck the right balance with this one and hope you think so too.  I can’t wait to see it in stores!!

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Catamount Arts Juried Show (St. Johnsbury, Vermont)

Exhibit Opening Announcement

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Lincoln Library Exhibit (Animal, Bird & Nature Art)

LincolnLibraryShow Announcement

Hmm… Looking for something to do after the holidays?  We’re heading into the heart of winter, a time when it feels likes it’s ALWAYS dark with endless cold days and nights ahead of us.  Snap out of it!!  Pull on your boots and mittens, embrace the winter months and come into the warmth and light of the Lincoln Public Library in Lincoln, New Hampshire where you can join me at the opening of my first 2017 exhibit.  This show features a collection of framed giclee artworks of many of my most popular bird and animal art on display.  We’ll have cider, cookies and other tasty treats for you to snack on as you enjoy the artwork, browse for a good book or two to take home and hang out with one of your favorite north country artists.  Not to mention the helpful and friendly group at the library!

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Photo Adventures In The Wild (turkeys & rabbits and deer, oh my!)

DeerWinter2016We’ve had our first serious snowfall and almost immediately, our woodland neighbors showed up.  Somehow, I think they know when we start putting out seeds and corn for the birds.  Our compost pile is close by where the remains of the pumpkins and squash we chucked over there are a big draw too.  We’ve found large pieces of pumpkin carried into the woods, no doubt to be enjoyed in solitude.  snowshoe hare photo2I watched a snowshoe hare breaking a trail by tamping down the snow with it’s large back feet and biting off twigs and other small debris in the way.  It found a good spot to snuggle down in between two piles of snow and rest before going back to work.  It was so well camouflaged I would never have seen it had it not moved while I was looking in it’s direction.  I just love it when these little glimpses of nature happen around me when I least expect them!

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The Artist’s Magazine 33rd Annual Competition – Finalist!!

18496-TAM-AnComp-Finalist My entry to The Artist’s Magazine 33rd Annual Art Competition was chosen as a finalist in the animal/wildlife category!!  Although my work was not chosen for a top prize, to be selected as one of the finalists out of the 5,900 entries submitted is an achievement in and of itself.  I am just thrilled beyond words for this honor.  Truly. Between a Rock and Hard Place WI

This is one of the larger paintings I’ve created in the past year and I remember well the anxiety and struggles that went into it as I don’t normally work in a large format.  In this case, I thought the elephant as the subject and the extinction crisis these beautiful creatures are facing called for making a big statement so I decided it needed to be large.  I’m very pleased with how the painting came out and that it seems to be making a “big” impression with others as well!  And, I’m happy to report this painting has sold and went to it’s new home.  Life is good.

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One Day Small Works Sale – December 10th, 2016

OneDayOnline Sale2016

I’m trying something new this year.  I will be hosting a One Day Sale of small, affordable graphite drawings on vellum for sale on my Facebook page, Jeanette Fournier Fine Art

There will be a small collection of animal and bird drawings available to choose from.  Looking for something unique as a gift for someone or even something special for yourself?! Well, I’ve got your back…  I’ll even gift wrap it for you before shipping it out! 

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Painting In Progress (Common Red-poll)

BirdsWIP1I’ve wanted to create this painting for a long time and decided I was finally ready to “give it a go” as they say.  I spent four days working out the sketch, using 10 different photos showing the finches in various positions on the bird feeder until I had the composition just right.  A large flock of these Common Red-polls showed up at my feeder one winter and cleaned it out in a matter of hours.  So intent were they on feeding, I was able to stand quite close by and take photos of all this cheerful chaos.  I’m very pleased with how the sketch has turned out and looking forward to beginning the painting phase.

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Finding Inspiration In Maine (Mallard duck painting)

SittingDuckComboA few weeks ago, my husband and I took a trip to Maine, where we had high hopes of seeing moose to photograph.  Well, anything else for that matter too, but we specifically went for moose.  The weekend we chose to go was Columbus Day weekend, and had we given it more thought, would have realized it was the worst idea to go anywhere on a holiday weekend.  The area was overwhelmed with people.  They were EVERYWHERE.  No matter how early we got up or how late in the evening we went out to locations for spotting moose, there were other vehicles already lined up with people standing around talking loudly, laughing, drinking and otherwise having a good time.  To compound the situation, (and unknown to us before we got there), the moose hunting season was opening the next day, so the woods and logging roads were full of hunters scouting various areas too.  There wasn’t a chance in a certain “very hot place”  that we were going to see any moose with all that invading human activity.  Seagull1We decided to make the most of it anyway and went looking for other wildlife to photograph.  Mallards1Happily enough, we kept seeing a variety of waterfowl during our adventures around the numerous bogs, streams, ponds and wetland areas.  One early morning, while still at our motel, I took a cup of tea (with camera in hand) down to the edge of the lawn where it meets the lake to enjoy some quiet time and watch the sunrise.  I became aware that quite a few ducks and other waterbirds were also enjoying the solitude before the bustle of tourists came out.  LoonSeveral female mallard ducks settled on the dock around me, sunning themselves and having a wee nap following breakfast and some personal grooming time.  One of the photos I took was the inspiration for the above painting, which I titled “A Sitting Duck”So, even though we didn’t find what we went to Maine looking for, I still found inspiration and came home to create a painting I’m very happy with.

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Arabian Horse Painting In Progress

DressedForSuccess WI

Title: “Dressed For Success” (Arabian Horse)

Three weeks of working on this painting and I have definitely had some high and low moments.  However, perseverance pays off, right?!!  Must. Keep. Painting. That was my mantra every day until I finished this painting.  My goal was to finish it in time for my open studio weekend.  Success!!  These beautiful fall days are making it SO hard to be inside when all I want to do is be outdoors, enjoying the beauty of the fall leaves, walking in the cool, crisp air and taking photographs…  The reference photo I used for this painting came from the website Wildlife Reference Photos.com and many thanks go to the photographer, Ainslie Gillis-Patel, for generously sharing her images with artists.

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