Wild Things… we love to see you! (photo adventures)

Jumping into the car and going for a drive down back roads, just to see where it goes, is a regular past-time we’ve taken up again.  Especially now when getting out of the house is a must if we find ourselves restless from self isolating.  I’m all for staying at home but there are times when you just need to go somewhere... anywhere.  We’re trying to be careful to keep our distance and NOT go where there are lots of people so driving in the car and looking for wildlife fits the bill.  There are also favorite spots we frequent from previously successful viewing rides.  We keep a count of everything we see and judge the ride a success by the number and variety of wildlife and/or birds we come across along the way.  Some rides are memorable for the jackpot of sightings, like a moose or a bear, but we enjoy the ride even if nothing much is seen.  Sometimes it’s all about being together on the journey…

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Behind Closed Doors-Studio Creativity

Rest assured that things are still happening here in the studio despite the more restricted lifestyles we’ve been living lately.  I’m painting new artworks, working on improving and/or learning new skills,  trying to learn new technology, re-organizing the studio and otherwise keeping busy.  I have several large works in progress at the moment with a goal of having them finished for my upcoming exhibition, “Northern Exposure” taking place in September at the Gallery at WREN in Bethlehem, New Hampshire.  I’ll be featuring the wildlife found here in the northern reaches of the state, including many of the songbirds I’ve seen while backyard birding.  Some of the wildlife and birds are threatened with extinction, while others reflect a story of recovery; however, all are treasured icons of this rugged mountainous region.  Stay tuned for more news on this show coming soon!!

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Rhythm & Hues Small Works Show (Copley Society of Art)

I have two new paintings in the new small works show at the Copley Society of Art in Boston.  My take on the theme had to do with how birds mimic the colors around them.  In the case of the Baltimore oriole, it takes on the same shade of orange found from one of it’s favorite foods.  We are what we eat after all!

Title:  “Orange Crush”, 6″x6″, Available

The gallery continues to be closed due to Covid-19 health crisis but the staff are available.  The artwork and more info can be viewed online at their website:  CopleySmallWorks

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JeanetteFournierFineArt on Instagram

With the current situation making it challenging to hang out together and show off my artwork, it’s become clear that I need to embrace some of the technology that offers a way of being socially connected.  I’ll admit, it’s been a bit lonely in the studio these past few weeks.  In my heart, I’m very much of the old school and prefer to chat on the phone or get together in person when I feel like being social; however, I joined Instagram in an effort to reach out and stay in touch. The Instagram App lets me share images of the artwork I’m working on, finished paintings, studio news inside and out, my photography adventures with nature, my baking hobby (successes and failures!), the funny antics of my dog Emma and other stories of my life in and out of the studio.  Of course, this means I’m having to become more familiar with how to use my “smart” phone!  I’ll admit, the Luddite in me is actually having a bit of fun…

I’m asking you to follow me on Instagram!  If you already have an account, just type in JeanetteFournierFineArt and you’ll find my link.  If not, set up an account, do the same and click on “Follow”.  We can share what’s happening in our lives via photo images and have a little fun doing it.

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A Little Bird Told Me… (paintings in progress)

My hands have not been idle these past weeks!  Since the stay at home rules have been in place, I’m using the time to work on a series of small paintings of the birds found around my studio and home.  When I’m really feeling motivated, I’m determined to paint them all.  The reality may end up being something else entirely, but I’m going to give it my best effort!  There is quite a variety of bird life all around the pond too and I’m counting those as well.  Some visitors are just migrating through, some get blown in on spring storms and others take up their annual summer residence.  I find all of it exciting, interesting and inspiring to my creative efforts.

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