Artwork on NH Fish & Game T-Shirt

2010 Moose Lottery Design

2010 Moose Lottery Design

My painting, “One Last Look”, of a bull moose was selected this year as the design for the 2010 New Hampshire Department of Fish & Game’ Moose Lottery.  The design will be used on t-shirts and long sleeve shirts, which will be offered for sale on their website to the public.   Thanks to the recovery of moose populations, N.H. has had an annual moose hunt since 1988.  The availability of a limited number of moose hunting permits is made possible by careful management of moose populations. The resulting sustainable annual harvest of moose helps to regulate moose numbers and provides a unique recreational opportunity considered by many the adventure of a lifetime.  In 2010, the lottery issued 300 permits out of the 14,000 entries submitted.  If you’re interested in purchasing a t-shirt, just click on the image above to get to the link with NH Fish & Game.

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