Visitors In My Yard

I’m lucky enough to live right smack in the middle of the White Mountain National Forest area of New Hampshire, which is a great thing for a wildlife artist!  With an abundance of wildlife about, I just have to step out the door of my studio to see some of it.  Some more welcome than others but I still enjoy watching it all and using them as the subjects in some of my paintings.

wild turkey hen

wild turkey hen

We have wild turkeys off and on throughout the year.  Lately, we’ve seen a hen with a small brood of chicks but I haven’t been quick enough to get any photos yet.  This single female has also been coming around and shows up at various times of the day.  We’ve had upwards of 25 turkeys in our backyard but I haven’t seen that many in a couple of years.  These birds are nomadic though and there is a vast woods behind us where they can roam for food.  They make pit stops in our yard to take dust baths and lay about in the warm sun as well as to hunt for bugs in the grass and shrubs.

Of course, we have lots of song birds, chipmunks, squirrels and the occasional groundhog which takes up residence under our woodshed.  We have two pairs of red tail hawks, which nested nearby and use our open yard area as part of their hunting grounds.  I never know what I’m going to find when I sit outside with a cup of tea but I’m never disappointed.  And did I mention the black bears?  Lots of black bears…

black bear

Until next week…

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