Snow Geese All Around (waterfowl)


A recent field trip to photograph snow geese down in southern New Jersey, near the Delaware border offered no shortage of geese!  The large, flat corn and soy bean fields were covered with thousands of snow geese, which fly down to spend the winter months.   In addition to the snow geese, we also saw plenty of  canada geese, swans, several duck species and even six bald eagles. We couldn’t get close enough to photograph the bald eagles but it was exciting to see them just the same.  Our good friend, Jim, who has spent his life in this area, was a great guide and knew all the best spots to look for birds to photograph.NJsparrow Regrettably, the east coast was once again blanketed by a winter snow storm which made it more challenging to find photo opportunities but we managed.  Little did we know but his backyard feeders turned out to be a gold  mine for photographing a variety of songbirds too!

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