Sunflowers & Songbirds (gold finch)

Sunflowers and songbirds II webfinal

Sunflowers & Songbirds II

At this point of the winter season I’m very ready for spring to be here and want the snow to go away.  No chance of that happening…at least, not for another month anyway.  So,  I decided to paint something colorful and it doesn’t get much brighter than a male goldfinch.  This is the second of a series of paintings I’m working on of sunflowers and songbirds.  Every spring we randomly plant a mix of sunflower seeds in a garden, which yields a riot of various sized flowers.  Throw in a handful of Mexican sunflower seeds too and it adds little spots of red amid the yellows, which the hummingbirds and bees are just crazy about.  This gives me a chance to watch and feed the birds with a natural food source the black bears don’t seem to bother (yet!), get reference materials for artwork and, of course, I have a lovely flower garden to look at all summer and into the fall.

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  1. Melody says:

    love it! Such a colorful little dude!

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